Wine Business Monthly Nov 2020, GOfermentor Update

GOFERMENTOR EQUIPMENT OFFERS unique ways for winemakers to manage their wine production. The original GOfermentor design featured a one-ton size plastic bin containing a heavy-duty bag with two compart- ments inside, one for the grapes and one that could be inflated to press against the grape bag as the juice was fermenting. Vijay Singh, the creator of GOfermentor four years ago, came to the wine industry with a pharma- ceutical engineering background, so it is not surprising that his production concept was based on cleanliness and ease of waste disposal.

GOfermentors are now available throughout the winemaking world with users in the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America. At one-ton of fruit per cycle, most users have been smaller size producers or home winemakers, but larger winery research projects can make very efficient use of these one-ton bins for scale-up trials. Singh told Wine Business Monthly that some wine- makers are now producing grape wine from over 50 tons per year using the one-ton bin units.

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