Advanced Winemaking

Automated Punch Built-in Press No Cleaning No Waste Water No Installation

The GOfermentor®brings advanced technology to winemaking, providing greater control of fermentation parameters, resulting in better quality wine, every time.


Up to 1 ton grape capacity


No installation. 4'x4' space. 110VAC. plug and play.



Unattended punch. Set schedule on the controller or your Smart-phone.



Insert pressing tube and pump out the wine.



Single-use liner, no cleaning. No wash and minimal waste water, no environmental permits necessary.



Medical grade BPA-free biodegradable single-use liner. No contamination. No off-odors.

How the GOfermentor works

The GOfermentor is a patented automated wine making device that ferments in single-use liners. This system not only eliminates punchdown labor, but also presses the wine out with a click of a button.

Water usage is vastly reduced (by 90% on average). No washing, no steaming, no detergents. Minimal waste water generation helps the environment.

The GOfermentor consists of three components
GObase, controller, and the single-use GOliner

The GObase is a reusable, rigid outer container which holds the GOliner. Since the wine does not contact the GObase, it can be reused with a simple wipe down. It folds for compact storage. A control panel with electrical components attaches to the GObase for control of punch-down, temperature, press, and other functions.

You need to provide


    • Floor space 48x48inches. Doorway width 46 inches.


    • Pallet jack or fork-lift to move 225 lb (89Kg) GObase unit.


    • Standard household-type electric service 110 VAC 10amp.


    • Must pump (self-priming 2" Triclamp discharge) to fill and empty.




Automatic Punch

Instead of the traditional "punch down", the GOfermentor performs a "punch-up"! This unique concept is only made possible by the use of flexible bag technology, and is the secret to the GOfermentor's superior extraction of color and flavor. The advanced instrumentation logs data, events and alarms. A Smart-phone app allows remote monitoring and control over the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Optional sampling tube allows samples to be withdrawn at any time. The sampling tube includes a temperature sensor.

Temperature Control

Optional stainless steel heat exchanger plate can be placed under the GOliner and connected to chilled water or glycol. The heat exchanger has a control valve that automatically maintains the desired temperature during the fermentation. It can also be used to heat.

Built-in Press

The GOfermentor uses the secondary inflation chamber as a built-in bladder press. Pressing takes less than an hour.

How the Press works

Remove temperature probe, insert perforated stainless pressing tube. Remove vent valve and cap. Connect pressing tube via crush-proof hose to a pump. Pump must be self-priming and have at least 2" discharge ports.

Start the pump. The head-space will vacuum out. Then the clear free-run wine will flow out from the GOliner to the collection container. Any skins, seeds, and stems will remain in the liner. Once free-run stops; activate the Press function to inflate, squeezing the pomace dry. Then disconnect, and discard the GOliner containing waste pomace.


Making Red Wine in the GOfermentor

GOfermentor Setup

Cap Management Animation

Pressing Wine

Clark Smith, GOfermentor Demo

Pomace Left after Pressing

Making White Wine