Great Wine Begins with Clean


GOlite: Single-use Juice Fermentor using your Container

GOlite™ is the latest fermentation product from innovator GOfermentor. It is designed to provide many of the benefits of the GOfermentor disposable wine fermentation system at a very low cost. Unlike the GOfermentor which has automatic punching and built-in press, GOlite is only usable for liquids. It is therefore suitable for fermentation of grape and other fruit juices. It can also be used for cider, mead, and similar products. It cannot be used for grape must.


Like it’s bigger brother, GOlite has many advantages over traditional fermentation methods that use fixed tank or open bins:

Uses Your Container:
Provides the advantages of  a closed clean system.

No Washing: Fermentation is performed in single-use plastic liners made of FDA approved food grade materials. This eliminates labor and wastewater.

Better Quality: Santitary single-use design ensures cleanliness. Sealed bag eliminates air and insects. Aromatics are condensed back into the fermentation improving aromas and fruit character. Minimizing air contact enables sulfite-free wines.

Sampling and Temperature Monitoring: Sanitary sampler enables samples to be taken without contamination. Includes temperature probe with display.

No power needed: Reusable GOlite head is attached via 2” triclamp to liners. Liners can be placed in user-supplied drums or bins.

Mates with GOfermentor SmartBarrel aging/storage system for a complete disposable winery solution.


GOlite head: Sampling tube, temperature probe + display, and pressure-relief vent (reusable) $295

60 gallon (45 gallon usable liquid) (3 pack) $90

330 gallon (270 gallon usable liquid) (6 pack) $330

Sampler: Hand-operated sampler (one required) $80

Winery Chat: Introducing GOlite - Juice Fermentation Made Easy

Making Red Wine in the GOfermentor

GOfermentor Setup

Cap Management Animation

Pressing Wine

Clark Smith, GOfermentor Demo

Pomace Left after Pressing

Making White Wine