GOpump 10

GOpump is an intelligent pump for pumping wine or similar fluids. It can be used in 1) PUMP mode where the delivery rate is automatically controlled at the user set flowrate; 2) BATCH mode where a user preset volume is delivered at user set flowrate. And finally, 3) REMOTE mode where pump can be controlled by external device or app (Bluetooth or WiFi).


Dimensions: 31.8 x 27.2 x 16cm (12.5 x 11 x 7 inch)
Weight: 8.3 Kg (18 lbs)
Flow rate range: 1 to 10 lpm (0.26 gpm to 2.6 gpm)
Batch range: 0.1 to 9999 liters
Power: 115/230 VAC 2A with built-in GFI
Interface: Color LCD touch panel
Environmental: IP65 splash-proof
Process connection: ¬Ĺ FNPT inlet and outlet


USAGE: general purpose winery pump for transferring or filling wine. Built-in accurate totalizer based on magnetic flux sensing (no moving parts) provides accurate estimate of total wine transferred. Controllable flow rate allows gentle or rapid transfer of wine. Automatic shutdown on empty detection.

NOTE: Do not use with fluids containing particles larger than 100 microns. DO NOT use to pump grape must.

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