Automated Wine Dispenser

Tasting Room Revolution


Increase tasting room profitability


RFID tags (provided) are affixed to glasses. Customer buys credits they are downloaded into the tag. Each credit good for one serving. Perfect serving size control. 

Customer dispenses their own glass of wine


Place the glass on the red circle. The app reads RFID tag and dispenses the selected wine. Cut tasting room labor. Makes for an interactive customer experience. 

Dispense up to 4 different wines


Can be mounted on counter, table, or repurposed barrel.

Wines are pumped from storage bags


These bags are based on our SmartBarrel® technology ensuring no oxidation. No more half-empty bottles, no need for expensive gases. Uses industry standard 3 to 6 gallon bags. 

Android tablet


 Bluetooth tablet included. Wifi capable for web integration.

How it works:

Customers are sold a wineglass with a built-in RFID tag. The tasting room cashier can authorize any number of drinks on a tag using a supplied RFID writer. The customer takes the glass and places it on the GOBlend machine base. If RFID tag has sufficient drinks authorized, a popup dialog appears on the GOBlend display tablet. The customer can now select the wine they want and it is automatically dispensed. One drink is subtracted from the count stored in the RFID.


Wine Tasting Using GOblend

The winery can set the wines on each unit. Serving size can be set to 2oz or 5oz. The GOBlend display tablet can be connected via WiFi and the winery can set up web pages describing the wines and other information for the customer.

Custom Blends for Tasting Room

Instead of a single wine, a customer can make a blend of the wines on the machine. GOblend even lets the customer email this custom blend to the winery and request a number of bottles of this blend to be made for them. Providing custom blends, coupled with custom labelling can significantly improve winery profits.


Dispense a saved blend using GOblend

Use bag-in-box wine storage bags you can buy from us.

Minimal cleaning. Drain and rinse end of end. Prime all wine pumps next morning. Peristaltic pumps seal automatically after each dispense.

Simple plug-in 115vac. No inert gases required.