“Wine made in the GOfermentor has helped us win over 50 awards, including the San Fransisco Chronicle, 5 years in a row!” Sky Acres Winery, NJ

Sky Acres Winery is a award winning winery, it was named NJ winery of the year 2019 and 2018 by NYIW competition. Sky Acres Winery is located in 50 acres of pristine woodlands and pasture in Bedminster New Jersey. The name of the winery comes from the long time interest in aviation and the logo represents our red Waco YMF5 biplane that both the owners fly.

The award winning wines are available Online, and at Shoprite Liquors in Chester and Adelphia Wines in Bernardsville NJ.The winery and vineyard is primarily used for research into new and more sustainable ways to make wine. Better quality wine with minimal water usage and minimal environmental impact is the goal. It is a test site to evaluate the patented GOfermentor® winemaking machine, SmartBarrel® aging system, and a home wine making system the GOfermentor Jr®. These products are available at www.GOfermentor.com. GOfermentor won the 2019 Innovation Award from the Wine Industry Network.