Smoke taint evaluation using the GOfermentor Jr

Fermenter capacity 50 to 110 lb grapes

Automated cap management using an app

Built-in press

Size of a bar stool. 30 inches high and 20 inches wide

$750 complete system with sampler and 3 fermentation bags

With winegrape analysis laboratories backed up for months, using a micro-fermentation to reveal smoke taint has emerged as a quicker alternative detection method. Micro-fermentation can be easily performed using the GOfermentor Jr automated wine fermentor. Single-use fermentation bags eliminate cleaning labor and contamination. Punch is automatic based on user schedule, requiring no labor and completely reproducible. It is performed by periodically inflating internal bladders to disperse the cap. Pressing is done by connecting a wine pump and pressing a button – this inflates an internal bladder and squeezes the pomace dry. Lift out the bag with the spent pomace and simply put in a new one for the next trial.

Labor-saving device is ideal for trials, such as testing for smoke taint. GOfermentor Jr is used by academic and research organizations such Penn State, and University of New Mexico.

Fermentation is done in single-use food-grade bag. A large 20inch fill opening allows grapes to filled by hand. The winemaker then introduces additives and yeast as desired and closes the bag with the supplied vent cap. The fermentation kinetics are identical to conventional equipment. CO2 is automatically vented. Samples can be taken at any time using the supplied vacuum sampler.