Semi-Automatic Low-Cost Filler

GOFILL Gravity Filler $950.00

The new GOFILL bottle filler makes filling inexpensive, easy, prevents oxidation, and has a built-in pump. It is the perfect solution for small volume wineries. 

Connect to a vessel containing wine to be bottled. Wine is collected in a single-use liner, automatically kept full by the pump. “A simple solution to minimize cleaning and oxidation as the fill liner is closed with no headspace – a signature of GOfermentor.” says Dr Singh, the inventor of a series of innovative products for the winery. 

The liner feeds four bottle filling heads simultaneously using gravity flow. Filling can be paused for hours with no oxidation. Keep filling as long as you want, the pump refills the liner automatically. When bottling is complete – simply discard the fill liner and rinse the heads.

Gravity filling heads provide simple, reliable operation with minimal foaming. The disposable feed liner decouples filtration from the bottling operation, enabling one person operation. The smart pump automatically shuts off if there is no flow of wine, preventing air from contacting wine in the fill liner. 

1. FOUR HEADS Four gravity filling heads. 240 bottles per hour.

2. DISPOSABLE FILL TANK Single-use liner feed tank – no washing, no oxidation, no contamination.

3. BUILT-IN PUMP Built-in pump and automatic fill liner volume control.

4. AUTO-SHUTOFF Liquid-out detector with automatic pump shutdown.