Winery Pump 30% off until June 30th

GOpump: The Intelligent Pump

Don’t you want a wine pump for your winery that can deliver a specified volume unattended at an adjustable flow rate? Save time by setting up racking and blending transfers, and then just walking away. The new GOpump makes all this possible. Portable, splash proof, and easy to clean. The only wine pump on the market with true flow measurement and remote app operation. Just plug into 115/230 VAC. All this in the new GOpump from wine innovator – GOfermentor. Free shipping until June 30th.

Set the rate and the volume

GOpump is an intelligent pump for pumping wine or similar fluids. Three operating modes:

1) PUMP mode at user set flow rate.

2) BATCH mode delivers user preset volume. 

3) REMOTE mode where pump/batch can be controlled by external device or app (Bluetooth).

For example – you want to rack 35.3 gallons from one container to another. No problem – connect hoses using the GOpump. Set to BATCH mode and set 35.3 gallons on the touch panel. Press START and walk away. It will automatically shut off when complete. Perfect for making blends. Unlike other pumps, you can set the flow rate from 0.26 to 2.6 gpm, so transferring even foamy materials is easy. If you just want to pump – use the PUMP mode. Flow rate is adjustable, and the totalizer shows how much has been transferred. Really handy for topping off. App lets you turn the pump on and off remotely using your phone from high up in the winery rack!

General purpose winery pump for transferring or filling wine. Flow meter/totalizer based on magnetic flux sensing (no moving parts) provides accuracy of 0.1 liter. Controllable flow rate allows gentle or rapid transfer of wine. Automatic shutdown on empty detection. Remote smartphone app allows remote control. Portable, splash-proof, and easy to clean. Plug into 115/230 VAC with built-in GFI plug. Not for use with fluids containing particles larger than 1mm, grape must, or spirits over 40% ethanol.