GOfermentor Wins Innovation Award for Advanced Winemaking

Dr Vijay Singh a biotech engineer, who revolutionized the way pharmaceutical fermentations are done by using a single- use sterile bag to replace stainless steel. Now he’s bringing the same technology to winemaking.

“The wine industry can be slow to change, so it is invigorating to have experts like Dr Singh come into the industry and bring their fresh approach and knowledge from another industry to winemaking. It is not often that you see new solutions that are at once cost saving and quality enhancing. The GOfermentor has the potential to cause a paradigm shift for small lot winemaking.”–George Christie, President Wine Industry Network

Grapes (upto 1 ton) are placed into the single use liner. This eliminates cleaning, reducing winery water usage. Punchdowns are done automatically reducing labor, ensuring consistent performance. The mixing action prevents “reductive” aromas. The liner protects the wine from insects, air, smoke, and microbes. The GOfermentor presses the grapes, leaving behind the pomace in the biodegradable plastic liner for easy disposal. The GOfermentor is a paradigm shift in winemaking that many winemakers will likely be hesitant to accept, but barebones infrastructure required, makes it easy to try with a very low investment.

“Traditional wineries are 90% janitorial and 10% winemaking. With the GOfermentor and SmartBarrel racking system, we’ve changed that to 90% winemaking and 10% cleaning.”– Dr Vijay Singh, Inventor

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