“GOfermentor wines had more red fruits and color extraction.” Vitech Institute, Priorat Spain

With reference to the evaluation of the wines through the trained tasted panel, the Cabernet sauvignon and Grenache noir wines obtained by GOfermentor procedure presented a better overall rating. The Tempranillo wines obtained by GOfermentor and traditional procedure  did not present   differences in the   overall   rating. In general,   all   the   wines produced with GOfermentor  present more red fruits than  the  ones  produced  with our microvinification process. The color extraction with GOfermentor system was appropriate, obtaining wines with a  good  color. Furthermore, the  sensory analysis of  Tempranillo  wines  showed  significant differences in terms of color evolution and color intensity, indicating that the one produced with GOfermentor   procedure   obtained    better scores  on both    attributes.  Even so, microvinification and GOfermentor systems have a different profile in terms of passive oxygen supply, so this color results could change in the future due to stability issues.

Regarding the Cabernet sauvignon wines produced in GOfermentor without adding sulfur dioxide: all of them get a good sanity without any microbiological problem and no oxidation has been noticed until now, almost two month after finishing the fermentation. The sensory panel considered them as high quality wines and much better than the microvinificated ones.

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