“GOfermentor enables quality improvement” Wine and Wines

The GOfermentor enables quality improvement in small wineries, By Richard Carey, Wine and Wines August 2016

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GOfermentor is a new method of managing fermentations of 1-ton lots of grapes. A large plastic bag with two compartments is placed in a specially designed bin. After crushing, the grapes are put in one compartment and sealed. As the second compartment is filled with air, it pushes against the grape bag, which forces juice through the cap.

A major advantage of the GOfermentor is the reduction of water use in the winery. The cellar stays clean during fermentation, and cleanup after fermentation is easy because pomace stays in the bag, which is recyclable.

The GOfermentor system gives a winemaker flexibility in managing small or odd-size lots of grapes.

Read the complete story WinesVinesAugust 2016