Electronic Wine Sample Blender

Blending wines to achieve subtlety and balance is an age-old expression of the winemakers art. All wines are to some degree or another blended. Classic French wines were always the product of blending various wines to achieve the desired flavor profile. The varietals used in the blend were of no concern.

Successful blending requires the evaluation of the wines available to blend. Then various mixtures are evaluated to produce the desired wine. Amounts and the wines used are adjusted and it not uncommon for even very small changes to make a large difference in the final blend.

However, the practical methods of making blend samples is archaic and tedious. Typically, samples are measured out using graduates; mixed together and tasted. This method is slow, and only a few blends can be evaluated an hour. The labor-intensive process often results in the winemaker accepting a blend that could be vastly improved by just a few more adjustments. An automated blending device could help the winery make better wines.

GOBlend is a laboratory instrument that can automatically make blends of up to 4 different wines. The winemaker places samples of the component wines into the machine. Then, using an app on a supplied tablet, decides the percentage of each wine in the blend. With a click  – the machine generates the blend in seconds. The accuracy on any component is +/- 1ml. Sample volume can be set from 50 to 200ml. The wine maker can then judge the sample, and make adjustments – say increase the amount of wine 3 to 15% and lower wine 2 to 5%. A simple click on the app and the new sample is made.

In addition to making physical blend samples, GOBlend provides a complete system for storing, and editing blends and the wines used for blending. These recipes can be stored and recalled later so the winemaker can remake an older blend to evaluate in minutes. Blend characteristics such as, color, body, and tasting notes can be recorded. Blend recipes can be sent by email to the winery, shared with others, or exported to excel. In essence, GOBlend provides a complete Wine Blenders Notebook.



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