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NEW: The Ultimate Winery Pump

GOpump: The Intelligent Pump Don’t you want a wine pump for your winery that can deliver a specified volume unattended at an adjustable flow rate? Save time by setting up racking and blending transfers, and […]

Winery Chat

Hosted by Dr. Vijay Singh. Vijay Singh PhD, Bio Season 3 Episode 4, Introducing GOlite – Juice Fermentation Made Easy Watch this video on YouTube NeuroEnology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine Episode 3, Pressing […]

No Press = No Mess! Use the GOfermentor

There’s a reason why winemaking is sometimes referred to as “mud pies for grown-ups.”  Pressing musts, particularly on a small scale, is tedious, messy and labor-intensive.  It requires careful attention to balancing yields against harsh […]