No Press = No Mess! Use the GOfermentor

There’s a reason why winemaking is sometimes referred to as “mud pies for grown-ups.”  Pressing musts, particularly on a small scale, is tedious, messy and labor-intensive.  It requires careful attention to balancing yields against harsh tannin extraction.

The ideal pressing system creates a thin, well-drained static cake to which low pressure is gently applied. Thick press cakes require high pressures and/or mechanical redistribution of the cake either by hand or by motorized equipment.

Conventional small batch presses are poorly designed.  Most vertical basket presses have steel bottoms and force juice through a foot or more of pomace through side slats at great pressure, resulting in harsh tannins and poor yields.  Some use water bladders which spread the pomace to a thinner cake.  This is an improvement, but when 50 psi water pressure is employed, once again harsh tannins result.

Horizontal basket presses aren’t much better.  They tumble the cake repeatedly while beating it with chains, repeatedly pressing at higher and higher pressures.

The GOfermentor single-use system not only eliminates punch-down labor and water consumption during fermentation, but also presses the wine for you at the press of a button.  The system’s innately gentle pressure and well-engineered filtration system ensure that excellent yields, 150 gallons/ton, are obtained with the richest, softest tannins possible.

This pressing action is performed in a single, steady motion.  Since the cake is static, it acts as a filter, so this action also results in good clarity and low lees and other solids, thus minimizing sulfide production in the receiving vessel and optimizing settled yields. This happens automatically, so that it is literally impossible to obtain harsh tannins from a GOfermentor.

The best part is once you finish pressing, you just remove the bag containing the spent pomace and throw it out. No cleaning. Put in a new bag and you are ready for the next fermentation.

See video, Pressing in the GOfermentor