Covid social distancing for winemakers, use automated GOfermentor + SmartBarrel

Fermentor with Built-in Press

No cleaning. Single-use liner can be placed in the GOfermentor container by one person.

One ton grape capacity. Grapes can be filled using a must
pump by one person. No Installation.

Punching automatically on user schedule. No human exposure is necessary. Multiple units can be monitored from anywhere in the world using smartphone app. Temperature control using built-in heat exchanger plates.

Sampling is done in minutes. Using a simple closed device.

Easy pressing can be done by single person. Insert supplied pressing tube and connect via hose to wine pump.Connect pump to SmartBarrel liner. Start pump and collect free run.Then activate GOfermentor controller to squeeze the must and press out residual wine. Remove pressing tube and disconnect pump and hoses.Hoist liner full of waste pomace and transport to disposal/compost. Insert new $100 liner and you are ready for next batch.


Wine storage system

No cleaning of barrels or tanks. Use single-use liners. Easily done by one person.Easy fill and emptying using inexpensive wine pump.

No topping required. Headspace is vacuumed using supplied Aspirator. No human activity is necessary, yet long-term wine safety is assured. Oaking possible by adding oak products into liner. Micro-oxygenation possible using oxygen-permeable plastics. Medical grade FDA compliant materials do not impart any odor or taste.