Comparative Tasting

Wine makers in the Priorat were invited to evaluate the wines made in the GOfermentor, at the Vitec Wine Research Institute, compared with those made in the traditional fermentor. Results showed that GOfermentor wines had better color extraction, smoother mouth, less astringency, and more red fruit in all three varietals studied. The lack of air in the fermentation process had no reductive effects on the wine.


Research Study VITEC, Priorat Spain

Three different grape varieties were compared in a side by side study in the GOfermentor and in a standard fermentor. Excerpts from their report.

Installation:The setting up of GOfermentor was rapid and easy. The first time, the whole installation process took 40 minutes. Once the GOcooler and GOfermentor parts were assembled, only took 10 minutes to get ready the system for every new wine.

Fermentation:This is the stage in which the GOfermentor stands beyond the traditional systems. All the operations needed for a proper fermentation are carried out by the equipment without human intervention, allowing saving personal costs.

Pressing:There were obtained a yield around 65 % of wine for every must studied. To obtain this kind of yield without using a press is interesting in order to avoid cleaning the press system, which needs a lot of water.

Aroma profile and mouthfeel:

Cabernet Sauvignon: GOfermentor wine obtained higher ratings for almost every attribute evaluated, except for both Petroleum and vegetative descriptors. GOfermentor wine obtained a better overall rating.

Grenache noir: GOfermentor wine showed a fresher profile, with more red and citric fruits, balsamic and floral aroma. The microvinificated wine had a heavier profile with candied fruits, greeny aroma and spicy. In terms of mouthfeel, GOfermentor wine was less bitter and unctuous, but it burned the mouth more than the microvinificated wine. GOfermentor wine obtained a better overall rating.

Tempranillo: The GOfermentor wine showed a more typical Tempranillo profile, with higher rating in red fruits and lactic aroma, while the microvinificated wine was spicier and present a little bit reduction. In this case, there was no difference between the overall ratings obtained by the two wines.

Results GOfermentor VITEC_FINAL REPORT_290116