Cap Management Options and Alternatives, Dr Vijay Singh speaking at the Eastern Wine Expo

GOfermentor inventor Vijay Singh will be presenting at the Eastern Wine Expo,

on Thursday March 12th at 9.30am

In the myriad of choices to manipulate fruit, cap management can be a simple yet effective step in

the process of creating a balanced wine. Cap management decisions can vary based on vintage,

fruit quality, or wine style. Conventional cap management utilizes pumparound or mechanical punch

down. While these techniques break and moisten the cap they do not adequately homogenize the

fermenting must leading to temperature gradients resulting in a cap that is much hotter than the bulk

must. These temperature gradients in turn lead to yeast stress and often reductive aromas. Vijay will

present data showing these temperature gradients and how the use of the GOfermentor device

reduces these gradients by squeezing the must using air-inflated bags.