Author: Meera Singh

NEW: The Ultimate Winery Pump

GOpump: The Intelligent Pump Don’t you want a wine pump for your winery that can deliver a specified volume unattended at an adjustable flow rate? Save time by setting up racking and blending transfers, and […]

Eastern Wine Expo March 15 & 16

Come and see our new products at EWE, code EWE23VIP for complimentary tradeshow admission passes. This VIP Pass also entitles the user to receive a free, exhibitor-sponsored lunch on Thursday, March 16th in the exhibit hall. GO pump […]

An Update on GOfermentor Products, WBM Nov 2020

Product Review: By Richard Carey GOFERMENTOR EQUIPMENT OFFERS unique ways for winemakers to manage their wine production. The original GOfermentor design featured a one-ton size plastic bin containing a heavy-duty bag with two compart- ments inside, […]

Exempt your winery from California Winery Order

New Technology Minimizes Water Usage California has just mandated strict General Waste Discharge Requirements for Winery Process Water.  These new regulations will greatly impact small wineries in the State that were previous exempt. Many small wineries (840 […]

Electronic Wine Sample Blender

Blending wines to achieve subtlety and balance is an age-old expression of the winemakers art. All wines are to some degree or another blended. Classic French wines were always the product of blending various wines […]