Author: Meera Singh

An Update on GOfermentor Products, WBM Nov 2020

Product Review: By Richard Carey GOFERMENTOR EQUIPMENT OFFERS unique ways for winemakers to manage their wine production. The original GOfermentor design featured a one-ton size plastic bin containing a heavy-duty bag with two compart- ments inside, […]

Semi-Automatic Low-Cost Filler

GOFILL Gravity Filler $950.00 The new GOFILL bottle filler makes filling inexpensive, easy, prevents oxidation, and has a built-in pump. It is the perfect solution for small volume wineries.  Connect to a vessel containing wine […]

Launch of GOlite

We invite you to join us at our winery ( ) NJ for the launch of our new product GOlite. On April 28th, we will press in the GOfermentor and ferment white wine in the […]

NEW: The Ultimate Winery Pump

GOpump: The Intelligent Pump Don’t you want a wine pump for your winery that can deliver a specified volume unattended at an adjustable flow rate? Save time by setting up racking and blending transfers, and […]

Winery Chat

Hosted by Dr. Vijay Singh. Vijay Singh PhD, Bio Season 3 Episode 4, Introducing GOlite – Juice Fermentation Made Easy Watch this video on YouTube NeuroEnology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine Episode 3, Pressing […]