Eastern Wine Expo March 15 & 16

Come and see our new products at EWE, code EWE23VIP for complimentary tradeshow admission passes. This VIP Pass also entitles the user to receive a free, exhibitor-sponsored lunch on Thursday, March 16th in the exhibit hall.

GO pump

GOpump is an intelligent pump for pumping wine or similar fluids. It can be used in 1) PUMP mode where the delivery rate is automatically controlled at the user set flowrate; 2) BATCH mode where a user preset volume is delivered at user set flowrate. And finally, 3) REMOTE mode where pump can be controlled by external device or app (Bluetooth or WiFi).

GO Blend

GOBlend is a laboratory instrument that can automatically make blends of up to 4 different wines. The winemaker places samples of the component wines into the machine. Then, using an app on a tablet or smartphone decides the percentage of each wine in the blend. With a click  – the machine generates the blend in seconds.